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     To eliminate pitching injuries, I need all the help that I can get.  I need parents to teach their sons how to use my baseball pitching motion.  I need private coaches to become Certified Marshall Baseball Pitching Coaches.  I need high school, college and professional baseball pitching coaches to become Certified Marshall Baseball Pitching Coaches.  And, I need others to help me give everything that I know away.  That is, I need financial contributions from partners in my goal to eliminate pitching injuries.

     I do not charge interested parties for reading my Coaching Baseball Pitching book, watching my Baseball Pitching Instructional Video, copying my Pitcher Training Programs or answering their questions.  And, I want to expand my website with more video, including baseball batting video.  Unfortunately, all this costs money that I do not have.

     Therefore, I have opened an account with PayPal.  I am asking those who use my services to voluntarily contribute whatever they can.  I have set up a separate account that I will only use for these purposes.

     To contribute, partners to eliminate pitching injuries can click on the PayPal button

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