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Dr. Mike Marshall's Baseball Pitching Motion

     For years, I have tried to explain my baseball pitching motion.  However, without someone performing my baseball pitching motion as I explain it, readers had difficulty understanding what I was saying.

     Fortunately, those days are over.  Now, I have a baseball pitcher that is very, very close to what I teach.

     Whereas 'traditional' baseball pitchers use their Pectoralis Major muscle to curvilinearly pull their pitching arm toward home plate, my baseball pitchers use their Latissimus Dorsi muscle to rectilinearly drive their pitching upper arm toward home plate.

     Using the Latissimus Dorsi muscle eliminates pitching injuries to the front and back of the pitching shoulder and generates more straight line force toward home plate.

     The visual cue that proves that baseball pitchers engage their Latissimus Dorsi muscle is that they have the BACK of their pitching upper arm facing toward home plate.

     If visitors have questions or comments about this video, then please email them to me.

Dr. Mike Marshall's Baseball Pitching Motion

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