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2008 Major League Baseball Pitcher Injuries

By Brad Sullivan

Attached are more than four pages listing all the MLB pitchers (based on a team's 40-man roster) who went on the disabled list in 2008.  The latter two categories note pitchers who were making comebacks and those who suffered injuries toward the end of the year, but weren't put on the DL.  In a number of cases with the comeback pitchers, they never made it to the mound due to continued recovery time that was needed.

I didn't even bother listing pitchers who were considered day-to-day due to injuries, since compiling that list might have rivaled "War and Peace" in its length.  You'll notice that some pitchers pulled a hamstring or groin, then later had shoulder or elbow trouble when trying to pitch through the injury.

Due to my rudimentary knowledge of anatomy, I simply categorized the injuries by what was stated in the media at the time. Feel free to lump certain ones together (labrum/shoulder, pectoral/oblique, etc.) if you so choose.

My main reason for putting this list together was your mention of the upcoming clinics that you'll be speaking at in January and beyond.  I thought this might make an eye-catching handout to your guests, since it's quite obvious that MLB (the "experts" who have done countless studies on how to reduce arm injuries) doesn't even remotely have a clue with respect to stopping this scourge.  It may also stop a potential devil's advocate in the crowd who doubts your ability to end such injuries when you can explain exactly what these players could have done to prevent damage to their bodies.

In closing, I would think Kevin Millwood of Texas might be in contention for the non-existent Moron Pitcher of the Year award.  On THREE separate occasions, he went on the DL after straining his groin.  The sad fact is you could probably find others who might also be in this category.  I would say "Enjoy," but the more proper word might be "Cringe."


I.  Head and Neck Injuries  (04)

     A.  Neck (03)
         01.  Buddy Carlyle (ATL) Strain
         02.  Keith Foulke (OAK) Stiffness
         03.  Vicente Padilla (TEX) Strain

     B.  Nose (01)
         04.  Chris Young (SD) Fracture

II.  Trunk Injuries  (22)

     A. Abdomen (01)
         01.  Jarrod Washburn (SEA) Torn Muscle

     B.  BACK (10)
         02.  Tony Armas (NYM) Hernia Surgery
         03.  Josh Beckett (BOS) Spasms
         04.  Bartolo Colon (BOS) Stiffness
         05.  Josh Fogg (CIN) Lumbar Spasms
         06.  Kason Gabbard (TEX) Lower Spasms
         07.  Jimmy Gobble (KC) Lower Strain
         08.  Matt Herges (COL) Lower Stiffness
         09.  Rich Hill (CHC) Lower Soreness
         10.  Kent Mercker (CIN) Lower Pain
         11.  Andy Pettitte (NYY) Spasms

     C.  RIB (11)
         12.  Chris Britton (NYY) Pulled Ribcage (R)
         13.  Luke Hochevar (KC) Contusion
         14.  Phil Hughes (NYY) Stress Fracture (R)
         15.  Erick Threets (SF) Strain (R)
         16.  Jake Westbrook (CLE) Strain (L)
         17.  Jeremy Bonderman (DET)
         18.  John Rheinecker (TEX)
         19.  Chris Bootcheck (LAA) Strain (L)
         20.  Kevin Correia (SF) Strain (L)
         21.  Juan Cruz (AZ) Strain (L)
         22.  J.J. Putz (SEA) Inflammation (R)

III.  Leg Injuries  (51)

         01.  Jose Contreras (CHW) Torn Tendon (L)

     B.  ANKLE (04)
         02.  Scott Downs (TOR) Sprain (R)
         03.  Randy Flores (STL) Peroneal Tendinitis (L)
         04.  Felix Hernandez (SEA) Sprain (L)
         05.  Franquelis 0soria (PIT) Bursitis (R)

     C.  CALF (01)
         06.  Gary Glover (TB) Strain (L)

     D.  FOOT (06)
         07.  Brian Bruney (NYY) Torn Ligament (R)
         08.  Jon Lieber (CHC) Strain (R)
         09.  Ron Mahay (KC) Plantar Fascitis (L)
         10.  Dustin Nippert (TEX) Soreness (R)
         11.  Tim Redding (WAS) Surgery (L)
         12.  Chien-Ming Wang (NYY) Torn Tendon/Sprain (R)

     E.  GROIN  (Adductor Brevis) (13)
         13.  David Aardsma (BOS) Strain (R)
         14.  David Aardsma (BOS) Strain (R)
         15.  Scott Baker (MIN) Strain (R)
         16.  Scott Eyre (CHC) Strain (L)
         17.  Josh Fogg (CIN) Strain (R)
         18.  Geoff Geary (HOU) Strain (R)
         19.  Carlos Guevara (SD) Strain (R)
         20.  Jeff Karstens (NYY) Strain
         21.  Kevin Millwood (TEX) Strain (R)
         22.  Kevin Millwood (TEX) Strain (R)
         23.  Kevin Millwood (TEX) Strain (R)
         24.  Joel Pineiro (STL) Strain (R)
         25.  Wandy Rodriguez (HOU) Strain (L)

     F.  HAMSTRING (Short Head of Biceps Femoris) (10)
         26.  Manny Acosta (ATL) Strain (R)
         27.  Greg Aquino (BAL) Strain (L)
         28.  Bryan Corey (SD) Strain (L)
         29.  Tom Glavine (ATL) Strain (R)
         30.  Eric Hurley (TEX) Strain (L)
         31.  Pedro Martinez (NYM) Strain (L)
         32.  Vicente Padilla (TEX) Strain (L)
         33.  Troy Percival (TB) Strain (L)
         34.  Troy Percival (TB) Strain (L)
         35.  Renyel Pinto (FLA) Strain (L)

     G.  HIP JOINT (06)
         36.  Erik Bedard (SEA) Inflammation (L)
         37.  Fausto Carmona (CLE) Strain (L)
         38.  Justin Duchscherer (OAK) Strain (R)
         39.  Chad Gaudin (OAK) Surgery (R)
         40.  Roy Oswalt (HOU) Adductor Strain (L)
         41.  Geoff Geary (HOU) Surgery (R)

     H.  KNEE (10)
         42.  Matt Belisle (CIN) Surgery (R)
         43.  Brad Lidge (PHI) Arthro. Surgery (R)
         44.  Yovani Gallardo (MIL) Menis. Tear (L)
         45.  Yovani Gallardo (MIL) Torn ACL (R)
         46.  Andrew Miller (FLA) Patellar Tendinitis (R)
         47.  Troy Percival (TB) Cartilage (R)
         48.  Johan Santana (NYM) Menis. Surgery (L)
         49.  Doug Slaten (AZ) Strain (R)
         50.  Mike Timlin (BOS) Tendinitis (L)
         51.  Dontrelle Willis (DET) Hyperextension (R)

     I.  TOE (01)
         01.  Brian Tallet (TOR) Fracture (R)

IV.  Arm Injuries  (194)

     A.  ELBOW (66)
         001.  Jonathan Albaladejo (NYY) Stress Fracture (R)
         002.  Mario Alvarez (LAD) Stiffness (R)
         003.  Josh Beckett (BOS) Inflammation (R)
         004.  Josh Beckett (BOS) Inflammation (R)
         005.  Kirt Birkins (TB) Neuritis (L)
         006.  Daniel Cabrera (BAL) Medial Sprain(R)
         007.  Fernando Cabrera (BAL) Surgery (R)
         008.  Kevin Cameron (SD) Sprain (R)
         009.  Chris Capuano (MIL) Torn Ligament (L)
         010.  Chris Carpenter (STL) Nerve Surgery (R)
         011.  Santiago Casilla (OAK) Soreness (R)
         012.  Matt Chico (WAS) Surgery (L)
         013.  Jose Contreras (CHW) Tendinitis (R)
         014.  Thomas Diamond (TEX) Surgery (R)
         015.  Joey Devine (OAK) Inflammation (R)
         016.  Scott Eyre (CHC) Inflammation (L)
         017.  Chad Fox (CHC) Ulnar Neuritis (R)
         018.  Kason Gabbard (TEX) Inflammation (L)
         019.  Jaime Garcia (STL) Strain (L)
         020.  Tom Glavine (ATL) Soreness (L)
         021.  Tom Glavine (ATL) Torn Flexor (L)
         022.  Edgar Gonzalez (AZ) Strain (R)
         023.  Tom Gordon (PHI) Inflammation (R)
         024.  Tim Hudson (ATL) Surgery (R)
         025.  Jason Isringhausen (STL) Torn Tendon (R)
         026.  Jason Jennings (TEX) Surgery (R)
         027.  Scott Kazmir (TB) Strain (L)
         028.  Adam Loewen (BAL) Soreness (L)
         029.  Adam Loewen (BAL) Stress Fracture(L)
         030.  Shaun Marcum (TOR) Strain (R)
         031.  Shaun Marcum (TOR) Surgery (R)
         032.  Justin Miller (FLA) Inflammation (R)
         033.  Sergio Mitre (FLA) Surgery (R)
         034.  Peter Moylan (ATL) Surgery (R)
         035.  Pat Neshek (MIN) Torn Ligament (R)
         036.  Jake Peavy (SD) Strain (R)
         037.  Scott Proctor (LAD) Tendinitis (R)
         038.  J.J. Putz (SEA) Hyperextension (R)
         039.  Anthony Reyes (STL) Strain (R)
         040.  Anthony Reyes (CLE) Soreness (R)
         041.  David Riske (MIL) Hyperextension (R)
         042.  Jae Kuk Ryu (TB) Surgery (R)
         043.  Takashi Saito (LAD) Sprain (R)
         044.  Chris Sampson (HOU) Surgery (R)
         045.  Carlos Silva (SEA) Tendinitis (R)
         046.  Andrew Sisco (CHW) Surgery (L)
         047.  Ian Snell (PIT) Strain (R)
         048.  Rafael Soriano (ATL) Tendinitis (R)
         049.  Rafael Soriano (ATL) Inflammation (R)
         050.  Rafael Soriano (ATL) Inflammation (R)
         051.  Russ Springer (STL) Nerve Irritation (R)
         052.  Jeff Suppan (MIL) Joint Irritation (R)
         053.  Brad Thompson (STL) Inflammation (R)
         054.  Brett Tomko (SD) Strain (R)
         055.  Merkin Valdez (SF) Strain (R)
         056.  Billy Wagner (NYM) Surgery (L)
         057.  Jamie Walker (BAL) Inflammation (L)
         058.  David Weathers (CIN) Ulnar Nerve Irritation (R)
         059.  Jake Westbrook (CLE) Surgery (R)
         060.  C.J. Wilson (TEX) Bone Spurs (L)
         061.  Mike Zagurski (PHI) Surgery (L)
         062.  Justin Duchsherer (STL) Strain (R)
         063.  Clay Rapada (DET) Tendinitis (R)
         064.  Kevin Slowey (MIN) Strain (R)
         065.  Matt Garza (TB) Nerve Irritation (R)
         066.  Felipe Paulino (HOU) Pinched Nerve (R)

     B.  FINGER (06)
         067.  Clay Buchholz (BOS) Broken Nail (R)
         068.  Tom Gorzelanny (PIT) Irritation (L)
         069.  Mike Timlin (BOS) Contusion (R)
         070.  Adam Wainwright (STL) Sprain (R)
         071.  Kerry Wood (CHC) Blister (R)
         072.  Keiichi Yabu (SF) Sprain (R)

     C.  FOREARM (20)
         073.  Jeremy Accardo (TOR) Tightness (R)
         074.  Matt Belisle (CIN) Soreness (R)
         075.  Chris Bootcheck (LAA) Strain (R)
         076.  Micah Bowie (COL) (L)
         077.  Matt Ginter (CLE) Strain (R)
         078.  Aaron Harang (CIN) Strain (R)
         079.  Shawn Hill (WAS) Tightness (R)
         080.  Shawn Hill (WAS) Strain (R)
         081.  Noah Lowry (SF) Surgery (L)
         082.  Brandon McCarthy (TEX) Inflammation (R)
         083.  Dustin Moseley (LAA) Stiffness (R)
         084.  B.J. Ryan (TOR) Bicep Soreness (L)
         085.  Matt Wise (NYM) Contusion (R)
         086.  Chris Young (SD) Strain (R)

     D.  HAND
         087.  Randy Choate (MIL) Fracture (L)
         088.  Jason Isringhausen (STL) Laceration (R)
         089.  Kelvin Jimenez (STL) Bruise (R)
         090.  Luis Mendoza (TEX) Blister (R)
         091.  Jordan Tata (DET) Fracture (R)
         092.  Kip Wells (COL) Blood Clot (R)

     E.  SHOULDER (99)
         093.  Burke Badenhop (FLA) Tendinitis (R)
         094.  John Bale (KC) Tightness (L)
         095.  Andrew Brown (OAK) Soreness (R)
         096.  Denny Bautista (DET) Tendinitis (R)
         097.  Erik Bedard (SEA) Surgery (L)
         098.  Jeff Bennett (ATL) Subluxated (R)
         099.  Joaquin Benoit (TEX) Soreness (R)
         100.  Randor Bierd (BAL) Impingement (R)
         101.  Yhency Brazoban (LAD) Reaggravation (R)
         102.  Jared Burton (CIN) Latissimus Strain (R)
         103.  Matt Capps (PIT) Bursitis (R)
         104.  Chris Carpenter (STL) Strain (R)
         105.  Rocky Cherry (BAL) Strain (R)
         106.  Vinnie Chulk (SF) Strain (R)
         107.  Chad Cordero (WAS) Tendinitis (R)
         108.  Phil Dumatrait (PIT) Bursitis (L)
         109.  Phil Dumatrait (PIT) Soreness (L)
         110.  Keith Foulke (OAK) Inflammation (R)
         111.  Jeff Francis (COL) Inflammation (L)
         112.  Jeff Francis (COL) Soreness (L)
         113.  Sean Gallagher (OAK) Fatigue (R)
         114.  Anderson Garcia (SEA) Tendinitis (R)
         115.  Harvey Garcia (FLA) Tendinitis (R)
         116.  Lee Gardner (FLA) Surgery (R)
         117.  Dan Giese (NYY) Inflammation (R)
         118.  Gary Glover (TB) Tendinitis (R)
         119.  Eddie Guardado (TEX) Soreness (L)
         120.  Jeremy Guthrie (BAL) Impingement (R)
         121.  Justin Hampson (SD) Tendinitis (L)
         122.  Rich Harden (OAK) Strain (R)
         123.  Sean Henn (NYY) Tendinitis (L)
         124.  Jason Hirsh (COL) Strain (R)
         125.  Jim Hoey (BAL) Surgery (R)
         126.  Eric Hurley (TEX) Inflammation (R)
         127.  Chuck James (ATL) Surgery (L)
         128.  Jim Johnson (BAL) Impingement (R)
         129.  Todd Jones (DET) Inflammation (R)
         130.  Hiroki Kuroda (LAD) Tendinitis (R)
         131.  Scott Linebrink (CHW)Inflammation(R)
         132.  Esteban Loaiza (CHW) Inflammation(R)
         133.  Esteban Loaiza (LAD) Tightness (R)
         134.  John Maine (NYM) Bone Spur (R)
         135.  Doug Mathis (TEX) Inflammation (R)
         136.  Dustin McGowan (TOR) Surgery (R)
         137.  Luis Mendoza (TEX) Inflammation (R)
         138.  Mark Mulder (STL) Strain (L)
         139.  Chad Orvella (TB) Surgery (R)
         140.  Brad Penny (LAD) Tendinitis (R)
         141.  Brad Penny (LAD) Inflammation (R)
         142.  Brad Penny (LAD) Soreness (R)
         143.  Odalis Perez (WAS) Tendinitis (L)
         144.  Joel Pineiro (STL) Inflammation (R)
         145.  Mark Prior (CHI) Surgery (R)
         146.  Al Reyes (TB) Impingement (R)
         147.  Al Reyes (TB) Tendinitis (R)
         148.  Fernando Rodney (DET) Tendinitis (R)
         149.  Carlos Rosa (KC) Surgery (R)
         150.  Francisco Rosario (PHI) Strain (R)
         151.  Jonathan Sanchez (SF) Strain (L)
         152.  Curt Schilling (BOS) Surgery (R)
         153.  Rudy Seanez (PHI) Inflammation (R)
         154.  George Sherrill (BAL) Inflammation (L)
         155.  Scot Shields (LAA) Strain (R)
         156.  John Smoltz (ATL) Inflammation (R)
         157.  John Smoltz (ATL) Inflammation (R)
         158.  John Smoltz (ATL) Surgery (R)
         159.  Tim Stauffer (SD) Strain (R)
         160.  Luis Vizcaino (COL) Strain (R)
         161.  Cory Wade (LAD) Inflammation (R)
         162.  Doug Waechter (FLA) Inflammation (R)
         163.  Ryan Wagner (WAS) Surgery (R)
         164.  Tim Wakefield (BOS) Tightness (R)
         165.  Matt Wise (NYM) Pain (R)
         166.  Carlos Zambrano (CHC) Strain (R)
         167.  Joel Zumaya (DET) Soreness (R)
         168.  Dennis Sarfate (BAL) Distal Fracture(R)
         169.  Mike Adams (SD) Surgery (R)
         170.  Matt Albers (BAL) Tear (R)
         171.  Chad Cordero (WAS) Tear (R)
         172.  Kelvim Escobar (LAA) Tear (R)
         173.  Casey Janssen (TOR) Tear (R)
         174.  Troy Patton (BAL) Tear (L)
         175.  Kiko Calero (OAK) Tear (R)
         176.  Joba Chamberlain (NYY) Tendinitis (R)
         177.  Eric Gagne (MIL) Tendinitis (R)
         178.  Tyler Johnson (STL) Surgery (L)
         179.  John Maine (NYM) Strain (R)
         180.  Daisuke Matsuzaka (BOS) Strain (R)
         181.  A.J. Murray (TEX) Strain (L)
         182.  Ryan Speier (COL) Bruise (R)
         183.  Bobby Jenks (CHW) Bursitis (L)
         184.  Leo Nunez (KC) Strain (R)
         185.  Ian Kennedy (NYY) Bursitis Strain (R)
         186.  Mike Hampton (ATL) Strain (L)
         187.  Cha Seung Baek (SD) Strain (R)
         188.  Joe Borowski (CLE) Strain (R)
         190.  John Lackey (LAA) Strain (R)
         191.  Brian Wolfe (TOR) Strain (R)

     F.  THUMB (02)
         192.  Kevin Cameron (SD) Fracture (L)
         193.  Shawn Estes (SD) Break (L)

     G.  WRIST (01)
         194.  Kevin Slowey (MIN) Contusion (R)


I.  Head and Neck Surgeries (00)

II.  Trunk Surgeries (03)

     A.  BACK (01)
         01.  Randy Johnson (AZ) Back

III.  Leg Surgeries (02)

     A.  FOOT (01)
         01.  Orlando Hernandez (NYM) Foot (R)

     B.  HIP (01)
         02.  Jason Vargas (NYM) Hip (L)

IV.  Arm Surgeries (32)

     A. Elbow Surgeries (18)
         01.  Danys Baez (BAL) Elbow (R)
         02.  Andrew Brackman (NYY) Elbow (R)
         03.  Ryan Braun (KC) Elbow (R)
         04.  Ambiorix Burgos (NYM) Elbow (R)
         05.  Chris Carpenter (STL) Elbow (R)
         06.  Thomas Diamond (TEX) Elbow (R)
         07.  Brendan Donnelly (CLE) Elbow (R)
         08.  Willie Eyre (TEX) Elbow (L)
         09.  Mike Gonzalez (ATL) Elbow (L)
         10.  Angel Guzman (CHC) Elbow (R)
         11.  Josh Johnson (FLA) Elbow (R)
         12.  Josh Kinney (STL) Elbow (R)
         13.  Anthony Lerew (ATL) Elbow (L)
         14.  Scott Mathieson (PHI) Elbow (R)
         15.  Carl Pavano (NYY) Elbow (R)
         16.  Chris Ray (BAL) Elbow (R)
         17.  Humberto Sanchez (NYY) Elbow (R)
         18.  Tony Sipp (CLE) Elbow (L)

     B. Shoulder Surgeries (14)
         01.  Matt Clement (STL) Shoulder (R)
         02.  Freddy Garcia (PHI) Shoulder (R)
         03.  Clay Hensley (SD) Shoulder (R)
         04.  Luke Hudson (KC) Shoulder (R)
         05.  Chuck James (ATL) Rot. Cuff (L)
         06.  Bobby Livingston (CIN) Shoulder (L)
         07.  Mark Mulder (STL) Rotator Cuff (L)
         08.  Fernando Nieve (HOU) Shoulder (R)
         09.  Henry Owens ( FLA) Shoulder (R)
         10.  Mark Prior (SD) Shoulder (R)
         11.  Anibal Sanchez (FLA) Shoulder (R)
         12.  Duaner Sanchez (NYM) Shoulder (R)
         13.  Jason Schmidt (LAD) Shoulder (R)
         14.  Joel Zumaya (DET) Shoulder (R)

Good Luck Everybody
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