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1972 Sporting News

Marshall Plan Lifesaver for Expos
The Sporting News
September 2, 1972
by Ian MacDonald

No sooner had Bill Stoneman thrown a fourth ball past the Astros' pinch-hitting Norm Miller than Expo Manager Gene Mauch raced out to the mound.  It was the ninth inning, Mauch took the ball immediately from Stoneman and beckoned in the direction of the bullpen.  In a matter of seconds, Mike Marshall raced out to the mound.

This has become a familiar sight--and for the Expos and their fans, there is good and bad significance to the scene.  It's good because Mike Marshall has become baseball's premier relief pitcher.  At every Expo stop these days, more players jump on the bandwagon.

Mike's screwball might be the best in the business.  It is Mike's most effective pitch, but the sturdy righthander has other quality pitches as well.  With the screwjie working, these other pitches become even more effective.

Marshall bailed out Stoney from that jam and mowed the Astros down in the 10th.  The Expos rallied for a run in the 10th and brought their remarkable extra-inning record at Park Jarry to seven wins and no defeats.

The win also boosted Marshall's record to 12-3, rather astonishing for a relief pitcher.  Mike also has saved 13 games.  So after the Expos had played 108 games, Marshall had figured in 25 of their 50 wins.

The statistics with which Marshall is making believers of the hitters are staggering.  In 81 2/3 innings, Marshall has allowed 11 earned runs.  However, he was tagged for four runs in one-third of an inning by the Astros on June 4.  Since then, Mike has allowed three earned runs in 53 1/3 innings covering 30 appearances.

There is a more interesting breakdown.  As of August 17, Marshall had not permitted one earned run in 42 innings--20 appearances.  In his last 10 outings, he had not given up any runs over 24 2/3 innings.

Marshall has not served up a home-run ball since Steve Garvey of the Dodgers tagged him for a two-run shot in early May.  Mike has appeared in 42 games since then.

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