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$1,000 Challenge

     To prevent pitching arm injuries, increase release velocity and achieve pin-point control, baseball pitchers have to drive their pitches forward in as close to a straight line as possible from the 'Ready' position to the end of their deceleration phase.   To drive behind the baseball in straight lines, pitchers have to separate their pitching forearm action from their pitching upper arm action.   In other words, when baseball pitchers release their pitches, they need the longitudinal axis of their pitching forearm as far separate from the longitudinal axis of their pitching upper arm as possible.   Several pitching coach wannabes claim that their pitchers have ninety degrees of separation.

     To encourage my pitchers, I offer one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) to every pitcher who achieves just sixty degrees of separation.   I have decided to open this challenge to all baseball pitchers everywhere.

     I have a five hundred frames per second sixteen millimeter camera.   My camera holds four hundred feet reels of high-speed film.   To purchase, take, develop and make a videotape copy, I charge five hundred dollars.   I can get shots of twenty-four pitches.   Therefore, when pitchers throw three pitches each, I can get eight pitchers on a reel.   If all eight baseball pitchers achieve sixty degrees of separation at their maximum game intensity, then I will give all eight pitchers one thousand dollars each.   However, if no pitchers achieve sixty degrees of separation, then each pitcher pays sixty-two dollar and fifty cents and goes home with a videotape that shows precisely how they apply force to and release their three pitches.

     All high-speed filming takes place in Zephyrhills, FL, twenty-five miles northeast of Tampa.   To schedule dates and times, interested coaches, parents and/or baseball pitchers should telephone (888)658-8850 and leave their name, telephone number and a good time to return their call.

Good Luck Everybody

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